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3 Tricks for Fall Weed Control to Keep Your Lawn Looking Pristine


The rains are closely arriving and with this change in weather cool season lawn weeds begin to make an appearance. Fall weed control can be challenging, but not an issue when you have the right approach.

Why Fall Weed Control is Important

Growing up most of us have admired the look of a beautiful green lawn. It promotes the overall feel of our home and gives us great pride in how our yard looks. Fall weed control plays a large role in that feeling of pride. Treating weeds too late in the season will leave your lawn looking a bit un-manicured and not necessarily reflective of how you want your lawn to look. It can also be tricky treating for lawn weeds late in the season.

Once lawn weeds die back, you may notice a spot that is in need of over-seeding. Trying to get grass seed to grow during the winter season is really not an option, which is why fall weed control is extremely important to have done before the seasons begin to change.

Type of Weeds You Might Encounter

In the fall, we notice a few different varieties of weeds that pop up in our client’s yards. The good news is that the ones we see the most are easy to treat in the fall months, causing little headache for those who are on a maintenance plan. The two we are most concerned about here in the Pacific Northwest are:

Dandelion weeds - always a challenge in the fall and one of the most infamous weeds. It can grow in any soil type and can easily wreak havoc on your lawn. They begin as yellow flowers and then mature into white puffballs. Once it reaches that stage, the seeds from the puffball are set loose and spread with the wind.


Clover - a very active weed that can give your lawn an unsightly appearance quickly, clover will return each year if left unchecked. Back in the day, clover used to be a popular ground cover and used to be mixed into grass seed, but times have changed, and so have preferences in regards to lawn look and feel. If you want to keep a nice lush green yard, and you see clover weeds pop up, it’s time to take action.

Both weeds are very aggressive and will take over your lawn in a short period of time, which is why it’s important to begin fall weed control as soon as you see them appear.

Aside from weeds, we also notice foreign grasses that creep their way in. These grasses may be carried in by mowers, birds, or simply blown in by neighboring yards. The approach for these grass ‘weeds’ is definitely a bit more challenging, but can be accomplished in the fall months with some hard work and attention.

Tricks for Fall Lawn Care Weed Control

With fall right around the corner, you’ll want to prepare your lawn. After years in the landscaping business, we know a thing or two about fall lawn care weed control. Here are our go-to tricks for protecting lawns from pesky fall weeds.

Lawn Growth

The most important part of fall lawn care weed control is a thick growing lawn. Having a well-maintained lawn will promote lawn growth, which in turn, prevents fall weeds from grabbing hold.

Fertilize & Lime

Lawns grow a lot here in the Pacific Northwest and need a consistent feeding program to keep up with their demand. Applying the right balanced fertilizer plays a large role in the fall to keep lawns thick and happy. Most lawns are just coming out of summer stress and the need for feeding is extremely important to help them recover.

We recommend a high nitrogen and potassium based product to help bring lawns out of summer stress. This product will also promote deep rooting, which is extremely important as we start to enter into colder months.

Proper Watering

Often at Creative Landcare, we see clients that either over water or under water in the fall months. Water fluctuation can be damaging with either approach.

Too much water promotes shallow rooting and reduces much needed oxygen to lawn roots. Under watering will push lawns into dormancy and possible dieback which leaves open areas for weeds to get a foothold.

Most fall seasons bring cooler nights with warmer soil temperatures. This makes fall an excellent opportunity to bring lawns back from summer stress and get them growing before winter arrives.


Fall Weeds Don’t Stand a Chance

Fall lawn care weed control can be challenging, but not impossible. Let our team at Creative Landcare help you come up with a plan that best fits your lawns needs and provide your lawn a reflection of your pride.

We understand that as the fall months approach, landscaping takes a back seat. Give us a call today for a free lawn consultation and learn how we can keep your fall weeds in check.

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