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Winter is Coming: Our Favorite Winter Landscaping Tips

As we head into the cold winter months it’s important that you take the necessary steps to protect your landscape. While none of these steps are difficult, we’ve outlined our top winter landscaping tips below so that you can prepare and protect your landscape.

Tip 1: Prepare Your Irrigation System

outdoor irrigation.jpg

As the winter weather cools below freezing, it’s extremely important to have your irrigation ready for the cold temperatures as soon as October.

In order to do this, there are four easy steps to follow:

  • Identify where the main backflow preventer is located. They are usually found near water meters or next to your garage.

  • Turn off the double-check valve and open the test ports. Take care not to damage the handles while shutting off the valve.

  • Open all drain valves and hose faucets that are connected to the irrigation system

  • Confirm your controller and timer are both in the “Off” position

By failing to properly prepare your irrigation system, you risk damaging pipes that are extremely expensive to repair.

Tip 2: Prepare Perennials and Roses for Winter

Both perennials and roses have unique needs for the winter time.


Perennials are designed to grow back year after year. They go into hibernation during the winter months to get much-needed rest so that they can grow bigger and more beautiful the following year.

While some perennials require different care than others, be sure to cut back the dead foliage about two inches from the ground. Then apply a thick layer of mulch to keep them warm and insulated during the cold weather. This will protect them throughout the winter months.


While roses are not a perennial, they require similar winter care. First and foremost, we recommend you cut back roses to prevents now and ice damage. As roses are cut back it’s important to maintain the original form of the rose, whether that is upright form, tree form, or climbing form. After cutting the roses back, apply a thick layer of mulch over the crown to keep the base warm during cool weather.

Tip 3: Fertilize Your Lawn

grass with frost.jpg

Properly preparing your lawn for winter requires picking the right fertilizer. Fast-release fertilizers break down quickly and will not keep your lawn strong and healthy during the long winter months. A slow-release, N-polymer product assures your lawn will have the food source it needs throughout the entirety of the winter season. The product is water insoluble that temporarily isolates itself in your lawn. It will release 20% of the food upon application and a 80% slow release over the winter months.

Still need to prepare your yard for winter? We can help!

We know the holiday season and winter months are a busy time, so give us a call! We can help prepare your landscape for winter, and give you some of your time back. All of these winter landscaping tips are included in our maintenance packages. Let’s talk about what package is the right fit for your needs.

Robin Paschall